Paul's Story

02 May, 2016

Thanks to the Wheelchair Technicians at Allied Medical – my backup KP25 is now back up and running again.

I recently sent Allied Medical an enquiry through their website as I was after some technical support on one of my Allied Medical powerchairs. I say one of – as I actually have three.

 My most recent Allied Medical powerchair is a Q6Edge which I had prescribed last July and it’s definitely making life easier for me. Monday to Friday I catch a taxi van to get to my job as a Technical Editor at the New Zealand Defence Force in Whenuapai each day. I find that my Q6Edge is great due to its flexibility with desk heights at work and when travelling up to 3 kilometres during my day at the base. It’s also great that I can get up to 16 kilometres travelling distance a day when I get out and about on the weekends.

 I also have a KP25 that I use as a backup while my Q6Edge is charging up and this chair is great as it fits into my car meaning I can go places that would be more challenging with the larger powerchair. It is also easy to manoeuvre inside my home.