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We’re very passionate about New Zealanders of all abilities being able to get on with life and do the things that they love.

Whether it is through providing a complex powerchair so the user can be in paid employment or by helping to prescribe the right ankle brace to get someone back on the sports field, we just want to make it happen – and easily too! As a team, we are really proud to be able to support a number of very special organisations who make good things happen.

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Auckland Power Chair Football Club

Team sports are great for people of all ages – but if you need to use a powerchair to get around, unfortunately there are not a whole lot of options.

So when we came across the Auckland Powerchair Football Club, we sure got excited. And we got even more excited when we got to watch a game!   How the players control their chairs is just awesome – it’s a fast paced game that sure puts players through their paces. Allied Medical has been an avid supporter of this club since 2012.

Go Baby Go

As any parent knows, getting young children moving is a critical part of their development.

Due to a variety of reasons, some kids are slower to move independently than others and we aim to help these kids out. Go Baby Go provides them with little electric cars that let them race about.

The cars are provided at no cost and the kids are able to use them as long as they need them for. It’s a fantastic programme that is run completely by volunteers in New Zealand and Allied Medical just loves being part of it. The smile on the kids –and the parents’ faces – when they get in their car for the first time is just magic!

To find out more about Go Baby Go visit their website

Auckland Zoo

Who doesn’t love a trip to a zoo – and we wanted to make sure that no matter what your physical ability is, you can go too!

So - we’ve gifted to Auckland Zoo wheelchairs and mobility scooters that visitors can use free of charge so they can get to see all that this amazing place has to offer.

To book one of these wheelchairs or scooters visit

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Morgan's Story

Morgan, who suffers with fibromyalgia (a form of arthritis), has been able to continue her passion for gardening by using tools from PETA, which help her in the garden while taking the strain off her joints.

Morgan's Story

Kaye's Story

Kaye loves her Quantum powerchair, so we asked her how it has helped her.

Kaye's Story

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