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As a team, we are really proud to be able to support a number of organisations that make good things happen in the community.

We’re passionate about New Zealanders of all abilities being able to get on with life and do the things they love. Whether it is through providing a powerchair so the user can be in paid employment or by helping to prescribe the right ankle brace to get someone back on the sports field, we just want to make it happen – and easily too! We love working with other organisations with similar goals in mind - from sponsorships and donations to gifted products and competition collaborations, our team loves to get involved with like-minded people in the community. 

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Organisations We Love Working With

New Zealand Powerchair Football Inc

Powerchair football is a competitive team sport for people with physical disabilities who use powerchairs for their mobility. The rules are similar to outdoor football with a few modifications. Players include people with quadriplegia, neuromuscular conditions, cerebral palsy, head injury, spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

We are proud to be sponsors of New Zealand Powerchair Football Inc and enjoy following along on their journey and watching them play! How the players control their chairs is just awesome – it’s a fast-paced game that puts players through their paces. Allied Medical has been an avid supporter since 2012. Click here to learn more about the organisation.

Pacific Health & Mobility Trust

The Pacific Health & Mobility Trust provides wheelchairs and mobility equipment to people in the Pacific Islands and New Zealand with a need but not the means or funding assistance to acquire it. Allied Medical donates equipment to the trust to help them with their work. Follow them on Facebook to see what their team is up to.

Altus Resource Trust

The Altus Resource Trust works with organisations in the Pacific Islands that provide services for children and adults with disabilities. They have physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, wheelchair technicians and nurses involved in training field workers and health professionals in these organisations when they don’t have the skill base required to work effectively. The Pacific Islands have low populations and specialist services such as therapists who work with people with disabilities are limited. Equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers are rarely available unless donated items have been provided. Allied Medical donates equipment to the Altus Resource Trust along with other assistive technology businesses from New Zealand and Australia. Click here to learn more about the organisation.

Multiple Sclerosis Auckland

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Auckland is on a mission to help those with MS to live well by offering a broad range of assistive services! MS Auckland offers an opportunity for people with this disability to connect with each other, allowing them to speak honestly about their experiences and be met with understanding. MS Auckland also has a skilled group of professionals and volunteers that can provide information and support for those with MS. This includes their peer support program, their community advisory service, counselling support and hydrotherapy programs. These can help people to understand their diagnosis and the challenges they face.

Allied Medical is proud to support an organisation that has a positive impact on people with or affected by MS! Click here to learn more about this organisation!



We also love hearing our customers stories – and tales of their adventures – so please share these with us.

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Jill Watts, our Technical Product Specialist for the Upper South Island shares a story about her client, Tom*, who recently had a great experience with the ADI Q-Back on a Quantum Edge 3 Stretto.

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Kendall Hewetson, our Technical Product Specialist for the lower North Island shares a story about one of her clients, Elijah*, who successfully switched from a tippy and unsafe highchair into the sturdy and durable CatchUp Chair by Special Tomato.

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Alma, and her Granddaughter Hannah, have shared their thoughts with us on the Escape 4 Rollator - the exceptionally comfortable go-anywhere, do-anything walking frame.

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