Enhancing Wheelchair Comfort and Functionality: The Role of Seat Rigidisers

14 March, 2024

Written by Allied Medical

The Vital Role of Seat Rigidisers

For wheelchair users, comfort and functionality are key. That's where seat rigidisers come in, providing a stable base underneath the cushion. Typically, rigidisers are crucial when a cushion is placed on a surface with give, such as soft seating found in Lazyboys or older wheelchairs where the fabric seat upholstery has stretched. This stability is crucial for maintaining proper posture, enhancing comfort, and enabling greater functionality in day-to-day activities.

Understanding the 'Hammock' Effect

Many wheelchair users face the 'hammock' effect, where a soft cushion sags under weight, leading to poor alignment. Seat rigidisers, like our Varilite Rigidiser, address this issue by creating a firm, supportive foundation. They're also applied in scenarios where extending the seat cushion beyond the end of the seat upholstery is needed, for example, to gain extra seat depth in wheelchairs that are too short by an inch or so, where there is no back cane depth adjustment.


Varilite Rigidiser: A Game-Changer

At Allied Medical, we're proud to offer the Varilite Rigidiser, a product that exemplifies innovation in wheelchair comfort. This rigidiser ensures that the cushion retains its shape, providing consistent support and reducing the risk of pressure sores and discomfort. When the rigidiser and cushion extend over the edge of the seat upholstery, it can also help in positioning the legs more towards 80 or 90 degrees than 70 degrees, aiding in better leg alignment and comfort.


Impact on Wheelchair Users

Improved Posture: By preventing the sagging of cushions, rigidisers aid in better alignment of the pelvis and thighs, crucial for posture.

Enhanced Comfort: They distribute weight evenly, minimizing pressure points and the risk of sores.

Functional Efficiency: A stable base improves the user's ability to perform activities like reaching or transferring.


Allied Medical is dedicated to improving the lives of wheelchair users. The Varilite Rigidiser is just one of the many ways we are working towards this goal, ensuring that every individual can experience comfort and functionality in their daily lives.


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