Somna Sensory Intervention Products

23 August, 2018

Written by Allied Medical

We are excited to introduce Swedish brand Somna to New Zealand.

Somna produces weighted therapy blankets, comforters, vests and collars. The products are based on a patented solution of chains stitched into lengthwise channels, which mould the item closely to the body and provide a feeling of being embraced. 

The weight, pressure and embracing effect in Somna products are important components in helping the user to relax and wind down. The device provides a feeling of being embraced, much like a hug, which in turn creates a sense of calm and security. Greater body awareness from the weight reduces tension levels in the body, and this improves breathing and increases a sense of calm. The effect is that you can relax, wind down, and achieve a better quality of sleep.

More and more people are needing help with relaxing, winding down and sleeping. For some, it may be due to illness-related problems, but for many people, it’s simply because there is more anxiety, agitation and stress in day-to-day life. Having an all-natural non-invasive solution like the Somna range can be the ideal solution or complementary therapy for many people. Weighted therapy products have been proven to help with agitation, anxiety, insomnia, dementia,  multiple sclerosismental health conditions, autism and behavioural difficulties and we are excited to be able to offer these extensively tried and tested products to our customers.

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