HI Viso Full Visor

The HI Viso Full Visor is an all in one face and neck guard to help protect against COVID-19. The Hi Viso is suitable and comfortable for prolonged periods of use and can be worn with prescription glasses or safety glasses/goggles. Being a face and neck guard it has been designed for those who cannot socially distance safely either in the workplace, travelling on public transport, or out and about in the community. Available for purchase online for delivery to NZ or Australia.

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The Hi Viso has been designed to offer protection from splashes and droplets of liquid, and to inhibit face touching.

Note: The HI Viso is reusable, but should only be used by the same person and never shared.


  • Includes Headband, Visor and  Neckguard
  • All in one solution 
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable.
  • Full face visibility making communication easy.
  • Prevents hand to face contact
  • Re-usable time and time again
  • Non-woven fluid-resistant lining
  • Available in Black and Denim Blue

Please note: The product can be used over a long period of time, provided it is well cared for. If the product shows signs of excessive wear and/or damage it will not provide the optimum level of protection and should be immediately replaced. 

Please note, for hygiene reasons, if the masks have been opened, we, unfortunately, cannot accept returns.

What people are saying about HI Viso

Kieran Murray - The Physio Group Belfast & Newry
“It's important to protect myself and my client and be able to communicate effectively too. This services both functions perfectly. My fear with a mask was steaming glasses and this visor eliminated that problem. I feel confident I'm mitigating risk of COVID transmission as much as possible.”

Maria Creen - Maria Creen Beauty
"It's easy to put on, adjust, remove and sanitise. The lightweight materials make it so comfortable to wear for long durations. All my clients can see and hear me clearly with them, making them feel comfortable being in such close proximity. Perfect for the beauty industry.”

Kate Smith - Deane and Decano
Really good face cover for staff engaging with the public and a very positive response from customers about our initiative. We love the full face coverage and transparency.

Visor material Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Headband material 76% Polyester / 24% Rubber (Contains latex!)
Neck guard inner material 100% Polyester
Neck guard outer material 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
Visor height 195 mm
Visor weight 200 mm
Visor depth 155 mm
Product weight approx. 70g
Classification PPE Class I of REGULATION (EU) 2016/425

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