Ski Pad

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The Ski Pad is designed for use where staircases or fire escapes are too narrow to allow for safe evacuation by other means. In an emergency, the Ski Pad is quickly and easily removed from its storage bag and laid beside the patient's bed, allowing them to be transferred in a blanket and then dragged to safety.

  • Tough vinyl coated base enables evacuation over virtually any surface - indoors or outdoors
  • 2" thick foam protects from bumps and bruises
  • Narrow width and flexibility allows for evacuation down narrow corridors and twisting fire escapes
  • Storage bag is easily mounted at the head of staircases ready for immediate use

Where can I see and try these items?

Many of our Resellers as well as the Disability Resource Centres around New Zealand have a range of these items on display. Their helpful staff will be able to assist you in finding one that meets your needs and if necessary, they can order it for you.  To find your nearest reseller, click here

Is it possible for these lower value items to get funded?

As many items are under $50 in value, it is not very easy to get these funded. However, if you have had your needs assessed by a therapist then it may be possible. We recommend that you discuss this further with your therapist.