TREAX is an innovative training system for many different kinds of training and movement. The system targets a variety of users and training situations, for example, rehabilitation after acquired brain injury, physical training for elderly, or development of children’s motor and cognitive skills.

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The TREAX system is composed of a number of differently coloured pads that respond to touch. It’s easy for a therapist or user to create individualised exercises for balance, coordination and weight-bearing. TREAX Pads have four basic functions:  the force indication scale, random light signals, reaction and balance function. 

TREAX Pads is a highly flexible rehabilitation system that enables the therapist to design training activities to fit the functionality level and training needs of each user. The system can be expanded with more pads as the user’s skills improve. Increasing the number of pads can turn exercises into social games, where several users are active. The system can be used on the floor or be mounted on the wall with the accessory wall mounting board.

The TREAX Pads were developed with the involvement of experts, persons with brain injuries and therapists. Their needs and preferences have defined the main features of the TREAX concept.

The advantages of the TREAX Pads are:

  • High flexibility in the level of difficulty and training goals.
  • Combines training of cognitive and motor skills.
  • Provide immediate and evaluative feedback.
  • Easy to use!

"One of the best things about Treax Pads is, that the system has different functions for different needs. The training can easily be adjusted to every child. "

Tina Mellesdal, physiotherapist in Sandnes Municipality, Norway


Max. user weight 150 kg
Batteries 4 x AAA
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 degrees C
Storage temperature -10 – 45 degrees C

What is Sensory Stimulation?

On a day to day basis, our senses are constantly stimulated by the actions taken and the environment around us. Sometimes focusing on one sense will help to trigger another sense, for example when listening to music you may automatically feel the urge to start dancing. When smelling delicious food, you’re already getting ready to taste it.

What are Sensory Therapy products?

Our range of Sensory Therapy products allow you focus on a particular sense to either help you relax or focus. Sensory products can also help stimulate other senses that are not prevalent in the user’s daily routine.

How does the inmu work?

The inmu is an interactive product that produces music and vibration, to help stimulate your body and make you feel comfortable. The vibrations follow the music, your touch and movements. The music is constantly changing to provide a new sensory experience to the user every time they use it.

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