The Allard NAVIGAIT is a simple solution for mild foot drop. It is a brace that supports the foot to ensure the user is able to move fluidly.

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NAVIGAIT™ is a new alternative for users with a mild foot drop. The amount of dorsiflexion is easily adjusted with an elastic coil to accommodate the user’s specific needs.

It is intended to support a foot when the ability to actively dorsiflex has been reduced due to conditions such as Stroke, MS or Post Polio Syndrome.

It is not recommended for patients who present with spasticity or severe oedema.

  • The padded shell is positioned comfortably on the shin
  • The amount of dorsiflexion is adjusted through the position in the lacing and with the Velcro attachment on the shin plate
  • The plastic shin part can be trimmed with scissors if needed
  • Low profile design makes it invisible under slacks
  • Has a removable interface
  • This product is recommended for single patient use. Do not reuse on multiple patients.
  • Follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions regarding usage and infection control
Size Height
Small / Medium 275 mm
Large /Extra Large 315 mm


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