Selection Thumb Support For Children

Thumb Abduction brace especially designed for really little hands to support the thumb and to keep it in a relaxed and pain free position.

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Selection Children's Thumb is elastic all the way around and the design keeps the thumb in a relaxed and pain free position. It is designed to guide the thumb and hand into a more functional position to facilitate the gripping ability.

Recommended application: Brachial plexus birth palsy (BPBP), Spastic hand in CP children, Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital children, Rheumatic problems.

Size Available X Small
Wrist Circumference 80 - 110 mm
Palm Length 60 - 70 mm
Total Length 135 mm
Age (approx) 2 - 3 years
Size Available Small
Wrist Circumference 100 - 120 mm
Palm Length 70 - 80 mm
Total Length 145 mm
Age (approx) 3 - 5 years
Size Available Medium
Wrist Circumference 120 - 140 mm
Palm Length 80 - 90 mm
Total Length 170 mm
Age (approx) 6 - 11 years
Size Available Large
Wrist Circumference 140 - 160 mm
Palm Length 80 - 90 mm
Total Length 175 mm
Age (approx) 11 - 13 years

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