Selection Wrist Support Soft

The Selection Wrist Support Soft is an ultra comfortable wrist brace, providing support to wrist and hand injuries.

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The Selection Wrist Soft is a standard wrist brace in a ”glove” version with two closing tabs attached to lacing on the ulnar side of the wrist. It has an adjustable thumb strap, and the shape is low cut in the palm area to allow for the bending zone. This model is also well cut around the thumb muscles to allow full movement of the thumb. It comes with a pre-shaped plastic stay on the palmar side and a soft narrow plastic stay on the dorsal side.It is intended to be used when the wrist needs support and off-loading in cases such as rheumatic disorders, soft tissue injuries or attritional wear.

Sizes Available Measure wrist circumference
Small 110 - 140 mm
Medium 140 -170 mm
Large 170 - 200 mm
Extra Large 200 - 230 mm

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