Dreamline Support Backrest

A multi-function back support designed to have laterals added for extra support.

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Dreamline Backrests are lightweight, adjustable, easy to use and includes Dreamline’s signature “Bubble Contour’ technology for outstanding pressure management, stability, air-exchange and improved contouring flexibility, with a thickness of 35 mm. A Spinal relief channel increases protection to the spinal region.

A shallow contour rigid backrest with full shoulder support. It offers full support for less active users and is designed to be used with external swing-away or fixed adjustable thoracic lateral supports. The BAC (Backrest Advanced Contours) Positioning System can be easily fitted to this backrest. 

Dreamline have recently made an improvement to the Support Backrest by providing with each one an ‘Infill Pad’ which attaches with Velcro to the flat part of the backrest, in between the shell and the padding. It is quite simply a thin piece of flat foam which takes some of the contour out of the Backrest and was introduced to reduce restriction on shoulder movement in the Support Backrest. 

  • 3D Spacer fabric, foam indentations & breather holes ensure maximum breathability
  • Every Dreamline backrest foam inner incorporates a Sunmate foam overlay for increased pressure relief
  • The front surface of the foam inner is segmented for better flexibility to match the contours of the patient and to provide much greater pressure relief with each segment acting as a weight dispersion zone similar to the Dreamline cushions
  • Covers are removable and may be machine washed. Drip dry only. Do not iron
  • Many holes in the backrest shells enable easy attachment of harnesses etc
  • Slots at the top portion of each backrest enable easy attachment of both metric and imperial headrests
  • Has strengthened sides to backrest flex making them very strong for attaching laterals etc
  • Vertical slots on each side of the backrest for quick adjustment of laterals and mounting systems
Frame Composition High Grade Aluminium
Cushion Composition Foam
Cover Type Polyester
Customisable Yes - with B.A.C Positioning System
Size Range 12"x14", 12"x16", 12"x18", "14x16", 14"x18", 14"x20",16"x18", 16"x20", 16"x22", 18"x20", 18"x22", 20"x20", 20"x22"
Weight Under 1 kg
Release System Drop in lock quick release
Diameter of back cane tubing 3/4", 7/8", 1"
Predrilled to fit headrest Yes
Lateral Support No
Back Height 14" - 22"
Back angle of adjustment -20 deg/+20 deg
Seat Depth Adjustment +3 to -4
Warranty 2 years
Optional Extras (other) Thoracic laterals, Shoulder strap retainers, B.A.C Positioning System
Maintenance Required None


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