Karma Self-Propelling Lightweight Wheelchair

If you're looking for an incredibly versatile wheelchair that is light enough to lift into the boot of the car, yet with ample adjustment to get set-up 'just right', you've found it in the Karma KM8020 self-propelling lightweight wheelchair. This very commonly prescribed, lightweight alloy wheelchair has numerous options, accessories and setting possibilities; making life easier for the user and the caregiver and suiting the individual needs of each user.

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The Karma 8020's durability, adjustability and overall functionality are all elements that its current endorsers would cite as reasons behind the popularity of this product.


  • Height adjustable backrest - Standard Backrest Height 15.5" - Adjustments available upto 18.5" or 22" with tall backcane option
  • Pelvic positioning belt – designed to keep user well positioned in the wheelchair
  • Quick release, removable rear wheels on self-propelling model for enhanced outdoor capabilities
  • Flip-back, height adjustable (11.5" - 18.5") armrests with desk (10" x 1⁷⁄₈") or full length (12" x 1⁷⁄₈") armrests
  • High mounted, push-to-lock brakes
  • 70° swing-away leg rests, with calf strap
  • Lower Leg Length - Standard 16" - 18" (with the shortest length achievable 13" and longest 20")
  • Reinforced cross bracing – strong but easily folded
  • Multiple position rear wheel and castor mounts to optimise centre of gravity and seat to floor height adjustments, as well as amputee setting
  • Pump and tool kit for ongoing standard maintenance
  • 24" pneumatic rear wheel on self-propelling model
  • 12.5" pneumatic rear wheel on transit model
  • Overall width is the seat width plus 9"
  • Tube diameter - Armrest tube ¾"; Back Cane tube ⁷⁄₈"
Seat Widths 14", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22"
Seat Depths 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
Folding Frame Yes
Tilt-in-Space No
Recline No
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 16" - 21" depending on specific configuration (19" standard)
Standard Legrest Style Swingaway 70°, adjustable length
User Weight Limit 130 kg (14" - 18" width frames), 160 kg (20" - 22" width frames)
Total Unit Weight 15.5 kg
Total Unit Width 14" to 18" / 20" to 22" (HD)
Seating Slung upholstery
Armrests Full or desk-length, height adjustable
Brakes Push to lock
Rear Wheel Size Pneumatic tyre 24" x 1 3/8" with anodised push rims
Castor Size 8" x 1" Solid urethane

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