Leckey Mygo Seat

The Mygo is a visually appealing, multi adjustable seating system created by James Leckey Design for kids aged between 4 and 12. Not only does the MYGO offer a mass of simple adjustment, allowing it to suit children who may require a high level of specific support, it also offers growth without the use of any additional parts. One size truly fits all! Back height, width, depth, lateral and pelvic position can all be quickly adjusted, and 25º of recline is also standard.

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Where many customised seating systems offer limited growth or are complicated to adjust, therapists and technicians may rest assured the MYGO can be reconfigured in a matter of minutes, time and time again. The MYGO can be attached to a range of bases, including the MYGO powered Hi Low Chassis that raises from the floor to table height and also features 25º of tilt in space. The MYGO can also clip directly on to the Ottobock Kimba Spring buggy frame or even the Quantum Q610 power chair.

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  • Adjustable pelvic positioning harness - 5" of built in growth in width
  • Upper leg supports - Over 6" growth in depth with the ability to allow for leg length discrepancies and severe pelvic rotation
  • Footplates - 10º abduction and 12º adduction
  • Backrest - with over 5" of height adjustment
  • Flexible sacral support - accommodates differing angles of pelvic tilt as required
Specifications Size 1 / Size 2
Ages (approximately) 3 - 10 years / 8 - 14 years
Maximum User Weight 50 kg / 60 kg
Minimum User Height 1050 mm / 1270 mm
Maximum User Height 1500 mm / 1680 mm
Minimum Seat Width 200 mm / 220 mm
Maximum Seat Width 325 mm / 345 mm
Minimum Seat Depth 270 mm / 350 mm
Maximum Seat Depth 420 mm / 470 mm
Minimum Backrest Height 360 mm / 460 mm
Maximum Backrest Height 470 mm / 570 mm
Backrest Angle 10º Prone and 25º Recline
Top of Seat to Floor 360 mm (14.2") - 700 mm (27.5")
Seat Unit Weight 10 kg / 14.5 kg
Base Weight 12 kg
Tray Dimension (all sizes) 550 x 480 mm

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