Stealth All Positioning Headrest

Headrest that contours to the head

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The All Positioning head support is a unique combination of features that result in an anatomically shaped support. It provides the functions of a headrest as well as comprehensive positioning and is designed to:

  • Supply a resting position or support against gravity in tilt and recline
  • Provide individually adjustable padded arms to help support the sub occipital
  • Offer adjustable lateral support that discourages flexion
  • Add necessary head support during automotive transport
  • Easily accommodate the addition of position components and accessories to provide extra clinical interventions
  • Adjustable side arms offer lateral support for the sub occipital
  • Discourages lateral flexion by improving head positioning
  • Offers a soft padded support for the occipital and adjustable arms that help cradle the sub occipital
  • Covers that are durable and abrasion resistant to withstand wear and tear. Can be wiped clean and machine washed
  • 360° range of rotational adjustment with a positive lock ball and collar