Varilite Backrest

Inflatable lumbar support that can be used almost anywhere!

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For extended sitting comfort, the Varilite Backrest provides adjustable lumbar support. Anyone who sits for long periods of time knows what it is like to have back discomfort. Over time lack of support can lead to muscle aches or worse, deformity. Wheelchair users - or in fact anyone - with chronic back pain can also use the Varilite Backrest in the car, at work, or during outdoor recreation activities.

Frame composition N/A
Cushion composition Foam and air
Cover type Coated Nylon
Customisable No
Size range (width) One size - 15" wide
Weight Under 1 kg
Release system N/A
Diameter of back cane tubing Any size
Predrilled to fit headrest N/A
Lateral support N/A
Back Height 9"
Back angle of adjustment N/A
Seat depth adjustment N/A
Warranty 2 years
Optional extras (other) Cover with back strap
Maintenance required Once a week, open the valve and allow the backrest to inflate overnight


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