Varilite Proform NX Cushion

The Proform NX Cushion is a unique wheelchair cushion in the Varilite range and has been designed so that it can easily be modified by therapists for clients with challenging positioning needs and dimensions. This air and foam configured cushion includes cutting guidelines and can easily accommodate leg length discrepancies, amputations and pelvic obliquities.  It is extremely cost effective and an ideal alternative to customised cushions.

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A modifiable contoured base can be cut with a knife to accommodate drop seat bases, as well as pressure areas.  The hinge lets the base flex, when a Modifiable Wedge is placed underneath it. The dual air/foam cushion at the back contains two self-inflating, independently adjusting chambers that can correct a pelvic obliquity or other asymmetrical conditions.

The cushion comes complete with instructions for modifying the cushion to meet the needs of common applications - but really the possibilities are endless! 

We recommend that this product be used with Varilite Cheat Sheets - self-adhesive foam that can be used to build up parts of the cushion to create further positioning such as hip guides.

Cushion composition Air, foam and mesh covered reticulated-foam blocks
Cover composition Breathable four-way stretch
Contoured Yes
Can accommodate a pelvic obliquity Yes
Can correct a pelvic obliquity Yes
Can accommodate a leg length discrepency Yes
Customisable Yes
Cushion Height 62.5 mm (with wedge under front)
Able to accommodate a drop seat base Yes
User adjustable Yes
User Weight Limit 340 kg
Total cushion weight Under 1 kg
Sizes Available 14" x 16", 16" x 16", 16" x 18", 18" x 16", 18" x 18", 20" x 18"
Custom sizes available Yes
Warranty 2 years
Spare Covers Available Yes
Incontinent Cover Available Yes
Accessories available Cheat Sheets, Rigisider
Maintenance We recommend that the cushion be reinflated on a weekly basis to maintain the integrity of the foam. As the cushion is self-inflating, no external pump is required.

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