Bathing and Showering FAQ's

There are a number of options that offer security and comfort when getting in and out of the bath or when standing up in a shower. The following overview of bathing aids can help in selecting the right solution.

What are the options?

Bath Boards

This is a device that sits across the bath and is secured in place with adjustable brackets. The surface has holes in it that allow for drainage. The three steps below simply outline how someone would use a bath board.


  • Sit on the board at the edge of the bath.
  • Slide towards the middle of the board.
  • Transfer lower limbs into the bath (bath step can assist).


Once positioned on the bath board, this product allows flexibility in the bathing method of the user, which includes use of a shower head and the ability to lower their position into the bath.  


To ensure safe use, the width of the bath board must be similar or identical to the width of the bath. Adjustable brackets are installed so they are flush with the inner sides of the bath. It is recommended to regularly check and inspect these to ensure they remain tight. These checks are important to ensure stability and safety.


Grab rails alongside the bath can also assist with transfer on and off bath boards. Some boards also have a handle built in, which should be placed on the wall side of the bath. The handle works to provide extra support while getting on and off the board.


Bath Seats This device is positioned on the bottom of the bath and can be used to sit on while bathing. Bath seats can also be used as a support device for lowering into the bath.  Bath seats usually have four suction feet that ensure firm positioning on the bottom of the bath.


Bath Transfer Bench - This device works in the same way as a bath board, however it offers more support. Two feet sit inside the bath; with suction cups to keep the device fixed in place. An enlarged handle on the side will help transfer legs in and out of the bath.



Non-slip mat – This is an essential component. The non-slip mat ensures that safe grip is maintained at all times. It is important that the mat is a similar length to the bath. It is also recommended to secure the mat in the bath prior to running the water.




Which devices should I choose for safety and support while showering?

Shower Seat and Stool: These products are offered in a large range of sizes and styles. The size you select depends on the size and shape of the shower you are using. Smaller sizes with a triangular seat work well in a corner shower, whereas level entry showers can be fitted with larger models.


Armrest: This product offers more support when getting on and off the seat.


Backrest: This product can be helpful if support is required due to fatigue.


Height Adjustable Legs: This product can ensure that the seat remains stable if the base of the shower curves up.


Shower Seat: This is a water & slip resistant product made from plastic that can also have holes for water drainage.


The weight of the shower chair should be considered if other people also use the shower, regular transfer of support aids may be required.


Grab Rails and Bars: Grab Rails and Bars must be strategically placed and installed by a professional. The rails are designed to provide extra support and assistance when getting in and out of the shower or bath. This product will provide increased confidence and independence.


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