Comfort-Truss FAQ's

How do I measure for the correct Comfort-Truss fit?



Use your pants waist size to match to the chart below.  




Since women's bodies are shaped much different than men's, you will not be able to go off of your pants size. Take a measurement low around the waist about 1" above the ridge of your pubic bone. Match that to the chart below to get the correct size.


Should I Get A Double Sided Hernia Belt Even Though I only Have a Hernia On One Side?

This really comes down to personal preference. For me (George) personally I only wear the single side because I really do not like having to wear anything “extra” than what is absolutely necessary, but there are plenty of people who think along these lines and wear a double even though they only have a hernia on one side. It definitely will not hurt to do it that way. Just keep in mind that the double belt is a bit more bulky because of the extra leg strap and the wider pad in the front to cover both sides.

Does Comfort-Truss work for women, and how do I know which size to get?

Yes, comfort-Truss does work for women too. We have many five star reviews from women. Since women's bodies are much different than mens, to make sure you get the correct size, you should measure low around the waist, above the wide point of the hips, about 1 inch above the top of the pubic bone. Then you can match that measurement to the corresponding waist size on the size chart.

How do I wash the Comfort-Truss?

Hand wash only, luke warm water, mild detergent, air dry out of direct sunlight.

Should I wear the Comfort-Truss Under My Underwear?

Yes, it was deigned to be worn under your underwear against the skin. This will give the best support, and also allow you to keep it on at all times throughout the day, even while using the toilet.  

Should I wear the Comfort-Truss while sleeping at night?

We do not recommend wearing the Comfort-Truss while sleeping.

What type of hernia will Comfort-Truss work for?

Comfort-Truss is designed for reducible inguinal hernias only.

When you say “left” or “right” side hernia belt, do you mean my left while looking down at myself, or someone else’s left from their perspective?

It would be your left or right while looking down at yourself.

Is there a guarantee that the Comfort-Truss will work for me?

The Comfort-Truss holds minimalism at the forefront of it's design characteristics. Although it works well for most people who use it, there is a small percentage of people who's hernias are too far advanced, or that have too much internal pressure for the minimalist design of the Comfort-Truss to work effectively. Therefore, we feel it would be misleading to say that it will absolutely work for everyone that uses it.

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