Karma FAQ's

Where can I find the PSI on a Karma Tyre?

The is located on the side wall of the tyre.

Will removing the pushrims on a Karma Flexx HD wheelchair impact the user weight limit of the chair?

Yes, it absolutely will. Karma Medical and Allied Medical Ltd do not recommend removing the pushrims from a bariatric wheelchair with them on as standard.

Can Attendant Brakes be fitted onto the Karma Flexx Transit Wheelchair?

No, they can only be fitted onto self-propelling wheels.

Are the footrests on the Karma Agile Wheelchair height adjustable?

Yes it is adjustable. The Agile is slightly different to adjust compared to others in the Karma range. You will need to remove the bolt connecting the chair to the footrest in order to adjust the length. 

Is it possible to put a rigid backrest on the Karma VIP2 Tilt and Recline Wheelchair?

Yes, this is possible. The back upholstery will need to be removed and then you can add a backrest. The backrest would then need to be removed to fold the wheelchair.

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