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Comfortable knee brace that controls hyper-extension of the knee. The brace helps with stability and support when moving and when resting.

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The C.H.E.C.K. brace comfortably controls hyper-extension of the knee. A dual axis hinge on each side of the brace allows the four parts to move independently, from extension to flexion, enabling the orthosis to follow the natural movement of the leg and prevent the brace slipping down the leg. The low profile uprights can easily be shaped to fit the contour of the leg to create an orthosis that becomes virtually unnoticeable under clothing.

And its easy to take on and off – the straps are attached to the comfort pads – eliminating confusion of which strap goes where. After the initial fitting, the wearer just closes or opens one side only of the front straps for simple application and removal.


  • Unstable knee caused by laxity of the ligaments
  • Mild valgus instability
  • Mild varus instability
  • Neurological function impairment (post C.V.A)

Not suitable for sporting use.

  • This product is recommended for single patient use. Do not reuse on multiple patients.
  • Follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions regarding usage and infection control.
Sizes Available Universal - fits knee width of 90 - 130 mm. Total length is 450 mm

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