Firefly Scooot 4-in-1

The Firefly Scooot 4-in-1 is a mobility solution that evolves with your child's needs. With four different functions, your child will have endless fun playing in the Scooot 4-in-1.

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The new and improved Scooot 4-in-1 mobility rider provides an early experience of independence for lots of kids with limited movement. Scooot's 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfill potential. Scooot has four cool configurations: Scooot, Ride, Pooosh and Crawl. Different configurations for different abilities and different ways to play. Starting with Crawl (allowing kids to explore on their tummy) and moving through Scooot (lets kids sit up and use their feet), Ride (lets kids propel themselves around the floor by manoeuvring the wheels) and finally onto Pooosh (lets somebody else do the hard work. If your child isn't ready to propel themselves yet or they're just tired, you just attach the Pooosh handle).

Scooot 4-in-1 is available in one size only

Seat Base Width 230 mm
Seat Base Length (from back to front of seat) 400 mm
Backrest Width 260 mm
Backrest Height 300 mm
Length Without Extended Footplate (from hip to end of footplate) 520 mm
Length With Extended Footplate (from hip to end of footplate) 630 mm
Wheel Arch Width 230 mm
Seat Base Off Floor Height 160 mm
Pole Length 800 mm
Pooosh Maximum Height 890 mm
Maximum User Weight 22 kg