Q-Logic 2 Enhanced Display

A separate screen to display system data for Q-Logic when used with specialty drive controls

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By far the standout user interface currently on the market, the Q-Logic 2 enhanced display features a full colour LCD display, an industry standard D-9 connector to suit the integration with any aftermarket joystick or specialty control device, two 3.5 mm jack plugs allowing the fitment of auxiliary switches. 

Connectivity is fully catered for with the Q-Logic 2 Enhanced Display Unit.

  • Bluetooth access to computer, tablet and phone functions including iOS and Android
  • Infrared remote control to access devices such as TV, Stereo, Sky TV, home automation

The Q-Logic Enhanced Display can be used in conjunction with either the standard hand control, where a larger screen or the benefit of the Bluetooth and Infra-red functions are deemed necessary, with the stand alone Joystick to provide the user with a screen, or by itself with a specialty control input device. The Q-Logic 2 Enhanced Display also has a 4/8-way single-switch scanner built in as standard.

The new directional pad provides care givers with an option to control the chair's seating functions without negotiating the joystick.

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