Kramer's Story

05 November, 2018

We recently teamed up with the Pacific Health & Mobility Trust to provide Kramer Hoeflich with a Quantum Q6 Edge powerchair.
"I thought I was independent before, but this chair has changed things, in a beautiful way." - Kramer Hoeflich

Allied Medical is collaborating with Kramer to document his journey on Instagram. You can see where his new chair takes him, learn a little about his work at PHAB Pasifika and see what he is up to in the community as a youth disability & Pasifika advisor by following @kramer.hoeflich on Instagram. 

When asked how he felt about his new chair recently, Kramer responded with the below.

Blessed, this how I feel since being gifted this amazing opportunity. Since being gifted this incredible chair it has given me not only the independence and mobility but the freedom to lead a great life, something that I thought I had lost since my accident left me paralyzed. This is why I am truly blessed because all of this wouldn't have been possible with the support & help and kind hearts of Pacific Health and Mobility Trust & Allied Medical.

The best thing about my powerchair is the extra independence I have. I can head to the supermarket and don’t need to bring someone along to hold my basket or push my chair. Being able to go out alone more often has been a huge help. I just need to remember to charge it!⠀

We can't wait to see where Kramer's new chair takes him and are excited to be part of his journey.