Tony's Story

19 June, 2018

Tony recently upgraded to a Q6 Edge 2.0 and it has changed his life. "I wouldn't have believed how much difference it could make, having a chair that meets my needs; it has changed my outlook on life, and I now feel I can focus on living."

"Running has been an important part of our lives before my legs stopped working, but my old chair wasn't fast or stable enough for me to keep my wife company when she ran. Being able to get back on the road while she trains has been life-changing, and having a chair that safely takes me out and about is brilliant, my world is greatly expanded. At home it's made my life easier too; as my dexterity decreases, the improved controls, both hand and head are easier for me to manage, and thanks to the IR I can turn the TV on and off for the first time in five years! Being able to be at eye level with people has improved my social opportunities too, and makes communication easier."

When asked whether he would recommend this product to others, he said "Absolutely! As well as being very stable and comfortable to move around in, it is very customisable. I have True Balance 3 seating, which included tilt, lift and recline, along with power leg rests. My set up also includes iDrive, enhanced display with Bluetooth, a very supportive Manta Ray back and a Roho cushion. Having the input of a great OT and wheelchair technician has been key to getting all the right gear, with the right set up."