Ottobock Skippi

A fun rear wheel drive powerchair for active kids

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The Skippi is a fun rear wheel drive powerchair for active kids who like to get out and about. It is compact and colourful, but still retains large size drive wheels and castors so kids can explore their environment with the push of a joystick.

The Skippi's seating system can grow by up to four inches, has powered seating options and the whole frame is able to disassemble to easily fit in the back of a car so you can pack up and go on holiday with ease.


Rear wheel drive paediatric powerchair

Ability to have manual tilt 'in' space

Ability to have powered seat functions:

  • tilt 'in' space
  • power elevating seat (high low)
  • power recline


From 260 mm (10") to 380 mm (15") widths

From 300 mm (11.5") to 370 mm (14.5") depths

50 kg user weight limit

Paediatric powerchair users


Robust paediatric powerchair that will perform well both indoors and outdoors with more active users (has relatively high ground clearance)

Seat frame can accommodate width and depth growth

Can fit aftermarket cushions, backrests and seating systems, such as the Kimba or Squiggles

  • Adjustable seat width and depth
  • 30 mm seat cushion with tension adjustable back upholstery
  • Lap belt with buckle
Drive Type Rear wheel
Seat Type Integrated
User Weight Capacity 50 kg
Seat Widths 10" - 15"
Seat Depths 11.8" - 14.5"
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 17"
Power Tilt-in-Space Optional 25°
Power Recline Optional
Power Elevate Optional 8"
Manual Tilt-in-Space No
Manual Recline No
Specialty Controls No
Overall Width 22.5"
Overall Length (excluding footplates) 27.5"
Ground Clearance 2"
Turning Radius 21.5"
Base Weight 68 kg including batteries
Drive Wheels 12"
Castor Wheels Front = 8" solid
Suspension Rigid
Motor Type 2 pole
Electronics enAble 40
Battery Size 31 ah C20
Maximum Speed 6 km/h
Warranty 2 year limited
Base Weight (excluding batteries) 24 kg
Battery Weight 11 kg each