Quantum® R44

Rear wheel drive base featuring innovative design for exceptional outdoor performance and tight space manoeuvrability

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The R44 rear-wheel drive powerchair features innovative design that provides exceptional outdoor performance and handling while delivering outstanding tight space manoeuvrability. The R44 accepts a complete range of rehab seating and electronics options.


Rear wheel drive powerchair

Q-Logic 2 modular electronics for multiple powered seating functions and alternative driving controls

Bluetooth connectivity for iOS, Android and Windows/Mac computers included as standard

Full range of powered seating functions available including

  • Power tilt
  • Power elevate
  • Power elevating leg rests, swing away or centre mounted
  • Power recline with anti-shear


Seat width of 254 mm (10”) –  610 mm (24”) with easy adjustment

Seat depth of 254 mm (10”) – 610 mm (24”) with easy adjustment

User weight capacity of 136 kg


Ideal for users who are active in their community and prefer rear wheel drive powerchairs

4 pole motors with Accu-Trac as standard

Optional suspension settings for improved ride comfort based on user feedback

Standard 8” castors for improved tight space manoeuvrability

  • Outstanding tight space manoeuvrability
  • Maximum speed up to 9.65 km/h
  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package
  • Accepts rehab seating
  • Sliding battery tray for easy access
Drive Type Rear wheel
Seat Type Synergy seat / Tru-Balance Power Positioning
User Weight Capacity 136 kg
Seat Widths 10"-22" Non-Tilt | 12-22" Tilt | 12"-22" Lift & Tilt
Seat Depths 12"-21" standard To 25" with long rails
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 16.5" Non-tilt | 18" Tilt | 18.5" Lift & Tilt
Power Tilt-in-Space Optional 55°
Power Recline Optional
Power Elevate Optional 12"
Manual Tilt-in-Space Optional
Manual Recline Optional
Specialty Controls Optional
Overall Width 25"
Overall Length (excluding footplates) 36"
Ground Clearance 3.25"
Turning Radius 25.75"
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic
Castor Wheels Front = 9" pneumatic
Suspension Active-Trac ATX Suspension (with long trail arm)
Motor Type 4 pole with Accu-Trac
Electronics Q-Logic 2 (expandable)
Battery Size 2 x 75 Ah
Battery Type Gel cell (dry)
Maximum Speed 10 km/h
Warranty 2 year limited
Base Weight (excluding batteries) 58.5 kg
Battery Weight 23.5 kg each

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